Childrens Workshop Preschool
"Building Better Kids"
2727 Michigan Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Our teachers and support staff are highly experienced with young children and are selected for their ability to create a loving environment in which to foster the development of the total child. Each lead teacher is certified by the State of Michigan as an Early Childhood Educator. Our staff's long-term commitment to our students is what makes us so special.
Children's Workshop Preschool Staff

Miss Cheryl, Toddler & Tween Lead Teacher & Music Teacher 

Miss Julie, Toddler/Tween Assistant

Miss Sarah, Toddler/Tween Assistant

Miss Janice, Toddler/Tween Assistant

Miss Samantha, Toddler MWF Assistant

Mr. Mario, TTh Toddler Assistant/Lunch Pals

Miss Katie, Toddler/Lunch Pals

Miss Marita, Preschool 3’s MWF Lead Teacher

Miss Susannah, Preschool 3's TTh Lead Teacher & Preschool 3's MWF Assistant

Miss Samantha, Preschool 3's TTh Assistant/Lunch Pals

Miss Sherri Pre-K Lead Teacher

Miss Abeni, Pre-K MWF Assistant

Miss Annie, Pre-K TTh Assistant

Children's Workshop Preschool Advisory Board
Front Row from left to right:
Mary Kerkorian - Volunteer Coordinator
Katy Lewis - HR/Teacher Liaison

Laura Littleton - Scholastic

Kerry Wiser - PR/Marketing

Sherry Yanik - Chair

Becki Wuerthele - Treasurer

Stacy Lynch - Fundraising/Events

Taylor Irwin - Playground

Kellie Oliver - Secretary

Not Pictured:

Jennifer Fetzer - Fundraising

Katy Teklinsky - Fundraising

Director, Beth Reid
Miss Beth started at Children's Workshop twelve and a half years ago.  She has two children.  Robby (20) is a junior at Michigan Technological University and Sarah (18) is a freshman at RCC.  Beth is excited to be working with the young children.  Beth has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management from Albion College.  After working many years in the accounting field and serving five years on the Children's Workshop Advisory Board, she is excited to start her thirteenth school year as Director.  Beth can't wait to get to know you and your children better.  In her summertime she is the director of sailing school at the Grand Rapids yacht Club.  She enjoys relaxing at the beach, family vacations and curling up with a great book. 
Miss Cheryl - Toddler/Tween Lead Teacher & Music Teacher

Miss Cheryl has a BA in Special Education from Hope College and holds additional certificates from National Louis University. Since beginning with Children’s Workshop in 1998, Cheryl’s career journey has taken her away from the CW family a time or two, but her heart always brings her back. This year marks the beginning of her 13th year in the Toddler room and her first year as Tween Lead Teacher. She is thrilled to also be serving as CW Music Director. Miss Cheryl is excited to get to know your children and looks forward to a wonderful year of learning, growing and fun!  Miss Cheryl will assist in the AM Toddler class M-F and will serve as lead teacher in Tweens-MWF.

Miss Marita - Preschool 3's Lead Teacher

Miss Marita has been working at Children’s Workshop since 2008, when she started substitute teaching in Miss Gloria’s classroom and now as the lead teacher in the Preschool 3’s classroom. Miss Marita has a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Psychology from Kendall College, Chicago, Illinois.  She has been married for 12 years to Ryan. Miss Marita and Ryan have 3 children. Patrick is 9 years old and in the fourth grade, Jakob is 8 years old and in the third grade and Andra is 3 years old and in the Preschool 3's program with her Mom. Miss Marita enjoys learning from the children as well as helping them learn through the different aspects of the classroom, whether it’s playing, socializing, reading, writing, creating; indoors and out. “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” In her spare time she likes to travel, spend time at her cottage and crafting.

Miss Sherri - Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Miss Sherri has been with Children’s Workshop since 1998. She has a B.S. in Education from Western Illinois University and has thirty years of experience in early childhood education teaching preschool and lower elementary age children.  She has completed course work towards her Masters in Early Childhood at GVSU and is actively seeking new ways to improve her classroom and teaching techniques. She is happily married to Brian, a meteorologist, and lives in Kentwood.  They have two children and a son-in-law, all above average. Their daughter, Maggie, works for the VA in Minneapolis and hopes to someday be employed by the State Department.  Their son, Daniel, just graduated from Hope College with a Bachelor's Degree in Geology.  When not at school, Miss Sherri is active at her church and Bible Study Fellowship.  She also loves riding her bike, traveling, and is always a hopeful Chicago Cubs fan. 

Miss Abeni
Miss Julie
Miss Sarah
Miss Susannah
Miss Janice
Miss Samantha
Mr Mario
Miss Annie
Miss Katie